Crest of the Green Leaf: Entry Three

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14th Day of the 3rd Month

I am in shock. Mother is dead, and Father is dying. The doctors say it was an accident, but I know the truth. They were poisoned.

The day started out beautifully. I awoke early, and dressed in a hunter-green padded hiking shirt with three-quarter length sleeves and gold piping on the shoulders, and a pair of black, pleated hakama. I pulled my hair into several small braids wrapping them together to form crown on the top of my head. Since I might be seen by the public, I wore a plain gold circlet on my head, with only an emerald, cut in the shape of a Sali Blossom Leaf, in the center.

Rolu came in shortly afterwards, and launched himself onto my bed. He too was ready to go, but we had to wait for our parents. We were both excited that we'd have time to spend together as a family, but we couldn't have known that our lives would soon be in danger.

Two hours later, we were halfway to our picnic spot, when we were overtaken by Lord Eirik and another, much younger, man. Alighting from their horses, Lord Eirik introduced the younger man as Lieutenant Davyn Gaiyone, his son.

Davyn would be accompanying us to ensure that we would be safe. Some things could not change. Davyn was polite, and he smiled at me, somewhat shyly. I had seen him before; at a banquet on my brother's last birthday. He had continuously followed me from a distance, and when I mentioned this to my Father, he said that Davyn had been given charge over my safety.

That was several years ago. He has changed since then. He looks more like his father now. The same piercing gray eyes and dark,