Crest of the Green Leaf: Entry Two

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13th Day of the 3rd Month

I am so furious right now I could just cry. It all started out well enough. I awoke early, and determined in my heart that I would make a good impression on the Counsel. I wore a sky-blue, princess seam gown with silver scroll-laced trim on the scooped neckline and tapered sleeves. Father says that dress makes me look 25 summers old; instead of my going-on-18-summers age. I brushed my white-blonde hair until it shone in the sunlight, and left it long and free-flowing. I had almost an hour before the meeting was to take place in the Chamber of Echoes, but I decided to go there early and gather my nerves.

The Chamber of Echoes is the largest room in the castle. It was designed by a master architect specifically as a meeting room. Using advanced mathematics, it was built in such a way that no matter where you stood, you could easily be heard anywhere in the room.

A normal voice would have no echo, yet could still be clearly heard; while even the tiniest sound or whisper would resonate throughout the room. That feature forced all who resided there to mind what they said. Father held all important meetings in that room.

In the center of the room, an ornately carved circular wooden table resided as the center-piece of the room. Ten chairs encircled the table. Mother told me that the table and chairs were carved from a single Sali Blossom Tree. I sat in my Father's chair and closed my eyes. I didn't even hear him come in.

"Trying to take your Father's place, my lady?" It was Eirik. I blushed furiously and stood quickly.

"No, sir. Merely trying to glean some of his strength." I replied.

"You fear...