Crime Against Humanity

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If you were asked to write a definition of "crimes against humanity," what important considerations would you want to include?

There are many factors that contribute to the definition of a crime against humanity. Some people may argue that perhaps a true definition cannot be achieved due to the many exceptions. Despite all individual opinions, a crime against humanity is when a person is stripped of their natural born rights and is forced into an underprivileged lifestyle within a status of inferiority.

A crime can be further specified as a crime against inhumanity when an individual is unable to practice self-determination and live as peacefully as possible. Contrary to what many people may think, a death need not occur for a crime to be considered inhumane. Examples of such acts of inhumanity include the immoral and unjust treatment of the Jews during World War II. Jews were forced out of their homes, robbed of all personal belongings and even forced to live in hazardous and fatal conditions.

Treatment of the Jews in concentration camps were definitely considered crimes against humanity. Supporters of communist leader Adolf Hitler, in one way or another participated in these crimes against humanity.

An important factor that contributes to the definition of a crime against humanity may be an act of self-defense. If a person was placed in a situation that was thought to be life threatening and commits a crime to guarantee their well being, that crime can be justified as self-defense.

Some Nazi officials took extreme measures against the Jews during World War II only to comply directions and ensure their own lives. These are example of crimes against humanity justified by inevitable acts of self-defense.

The definition of a crime against humanity will always have an exception, just as every rule...