Crime Among Youths

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Crime among youths has become a very serious problem. Even though several studies have shown that crimes by youth have declined it still remains a problem. Stopping crimes of violence committed by young people can be a difficult task. Young people commit crimes for different reasons. Some of those reasons may because of problems in their homes, their peers may have influence on them or because they may want attention.

Many youths come from homes where there is abuse, whether it is mental or physical. As a result of the abuse they feel the need to lash out on other people in a violent way. Other problems in the home may be between the youth's parents. The parents may be going through divorce and the youth's sometimes feel responsible. This may led to violent criminal behavior. Peer pressure also can lead to violent crimes because of ones feeling of wanting to be wanted and accepted.

For youths this is very important and some are willing to do anything for it. Attention can be another factor for youths committing violent crimes because attention can mean that one is important.

As citizens we can help to prevent those youths that commit violent crimes by trying to help them with their situations. We need to get involved as communities and help those children that need help. Every child that commits a crime needs some kind of personal help. We need more people that actually care about the well being of our future. By helping these youths we make our future look a whole light brighter. We need more programs that will steer their attention from doing bad things to doing more productive things with their time. We need to go to their homes and find the root of the problems so that...