Crime and Delinquency

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Crime and Delinquency This study explored associations between ever having been arrested and other variables among 490 male drug users. Participants were classified into three groups based on recent sexual history: men who had not had sex, men who had sex with women and men who had sex with men. It was found that men who had sex with men who had been arrested were more likely to have had syphilis and gonorrhea, exchange sex for either drugs or money, and exchanged money or drugs for sex. Concerning the syphilis epidemic's growth over recent years, the suggestion is that correctional facilities engage in a tough syphilis-screening program.

A scarcity of data actually exists about the relationship between sexual orientation and criminality. There have been very few studies that directly address this question, and those studies that have been reported have presented somewhat contradictory findings. This exploratory study takes advantage of available data from two different research projects that are designed to measure drug use and risk behaviors for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Similar recruitment techniques were used, and both studies used the Risk Behavior Assessment to measure drug use, sexual risk behavior, demographics, disease history, and arrest variables. Participants were recruited from two different programs administered through the Center for Behavioral Health Research and Services at the California State University, Long Beach. One program was the Counseling and Food Bank Program funded through a contract with the city of Long Beach, California. A second program was the ready for Action Program, which is a Los Angeles County- funded HIV risk-reduction program for gay and bisexual men.

Relative to associations between these arrest variable and sexual orientation, this study examined street-drug users who participated in a food bank program designed to provide food for those who are...