Crime And Punishment In America

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Crime is something wrongfully done against another person, place, or thing. Too much of the wrong thing is being done in the fight against "vice and sin". Religion impacts laws in various ways, laws are based on religion and our religion instills in us, our morals. Since the morals of the community are what the laws are based on in turn religion has a great impact on the laws. Freedom for women revolutionized the employment for women, it created a new independence they were no longer restricted to the kitchen. The progressive movement impacted the fight against by making alcohol illegal which in turn only made the people who wanted it, try harder, and the people who didn't want to put in the extra effort, experiment with other drugs or stimulants such as opium, cocaine, and marijuana. Organized crime also began once prohibition was enforced. I believe prostitution was legalized in the State of Nevada because they most likely figured that Nevada was a state where the rules didn't apply, in general most of the implemented laws were not implemented and this was a tourist attraction to certain people who enjoyed getting away with certain things such as gambling and buying sex.

Bingo was considered a crime in this video since the church was gambling for money. In America gambling is viewed as something everybody does at one time or another and some get addicted to, but no matter what, the people on the receiving end make a whole lot of money. Community standards are the morals of a community since many communities are very different in what they believe is right and wrong.

The internet has opened up a totally new area of crime, such as internet fraud, hacking into web sites databases, stealing credit card numbers, stealing identities...