Crime and Punishment report - Although suffering appears to be hopeless and unpromising it does indeed ennoble character.

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Elena Smukler Crime and Punishment

He remained alone in a world that only he understood. He sat in a room like a spider, days went without food, and he lay in the darkness without purpose. He rested still thinking, his mind swarming with strange dreams of which he could not even begin to describe. How could he become a man daring enough to stoop and pick up the power, for in the eyes of men whomever is daring enough to do so is powerful and privileged. Such bravery would prove that he had enough strength in mind and spirit to have supremacy over men. He suffered tremendously thinking of how he could prove his might, and when he finally did he suffered as he recollected the actions, realizing that he was not one of the superior, powerful men within the society. He suffered awaiting the day he would be accused of committing his crime.

He suffered until he was "resurrected" by love and able to accept his guilt, admit to his wrongness, and turn his life over to God and affection. He learns to accept suffering, and redeem himself by it - gaining courage, generosity, and honor. His name was Raskolnikov; His pride was hurt and recognizing his regularity among men, he suffered. In the novel, Crime and Punishment, he suffered until he was made righteous, so proving that although suffering appears to be hopeless and unpromising it does indeed ennoble character.

His guilt increased and his mind slowly crumbled; He walked the streets alone and sat isolated in his room and as he did this he could only await the accusation from the police who seemed to be slowly steering him into their trap. He could only anticipate their questions concerning what had brought him to do it.