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Born in Italy, the now Frank Costello also known as Combine would sail the seas to the United States alongside his mother and siblings at the age 5 to a world he knew nothing, except that his father was there. No one would expect the little Italian boy to grow up to presume a life so malicious and violent. Francesco Castiglia would be no longer; he would be identified as something or someone with more 'character' and street credit.

Not realizing the impact this was going to have on Frankie, his older brother started introducing him to gang activities and by the age of 13, Frankie had already joined a local gang and there his rap sheet would began to grow longer and longer. Upon his release from prison of a 4 year sentence, he started socializing with Ciro "The Artichoke King" Terranova, the underboss of the Mafioso family in East Harlem (i156, 2012).

Now even though Costello wasn't born into a crime family he had outside influences that would send him directly to the heart of these organized crimes. Costello came to the United States as an immigrant and the influential persons including those of relation he could have chosen the 'Straight and Narrow' versus the 'Dark Side'. I'm sure his father didn't think he was bringing his family over here to become the local terrorists. Frankie went as far as stating he would never carry a gun again, but what crime member do you know who committed such flagrant activities could walk the streets without a piece of protection (i156, 2012)? Classical; having free will or the ability to make a choice; pain equals pleasure and serves as an example to others (Schmalleger, 2012). Terranova, an underboss of the Morello family would allow Costello...