The Crime That Happened on Queens Boulevard Last Night

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It was 11.30 on Saturday night. Everyone was at home, sleeping or watching TV. There was nobody outside, except one woman who was walking down the Queens Boulevard. She was about 30 years old, with brown hair and green eyes. She was tall and slim. Many people had told her that she is very beautiful, but she didn’t really care about her appearance. She was more interesting in her job. She has been working for this huge fashion magazine for almost 5 years. Now she was going home after one cocktail-party, organized by the firm. Everybody has told her that she must be crazy for going alone so late in the evening, but she was not afraid at all. In fact she didn’t believe that something may happen to her. As she was walking and thinking about her friends’ words, she heard a strange noise. She turned back quickly, but everything she saw was a plastic bag that was rustling because of the wind.

She smiled and upbraided herself for being so suspicious. She continued to walk, but after few minutes she heard a woman screaming. She tried to ignore the noise, because she thought it was just her imagination. But suddenly she felt really strange. She had the feeling that someone was watching her. She looked around and saw a tall man, dressed in black. He was standing in the corner, staring at her. In his hand, there was a bloody knife. The woman recalled the scream that she had heard a few minutes ago, and she knew for sure that near by there was someone seriously wounded, or even worse – a dead body. Without thinking she started to run. She could hear the steps of the man, who was chasing her. She wanted to scream, but when she opened her mouth the voice didn’t come out. She couldn’t even turn back to see the man. The only thing she could do was to run as fast as she can. And she ran, she ran for about 20 minutes until she couldn’t breathe anymore. She slowed down, but she didn’t stop. There were few other men in the street and everyone seamed to her like he was about to take out his bloody knife and attack her. The women calmed down only when she went home and locked the door. She went to bed, but she couldn’t fall asleep. She staid awake the whole night and the only thing she was thinking about was how stupid she was to go alone so late at night.