Crime In the United States

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Crime In the United States


Our report is on Crime in the United States. Crime is a major problem all over the world, but we are focusing on the crime problem right here in our own country. We have listed some different statistics, problems, and solutions.

FBI Crime Statistics:

Final 1995 crime statistics showed that 13.9 million Crime Index offenses were reported to law enforcement across the Nation. The 1995 total represents a rate of 5,278 offenses for every 100,000 United States inhabitants. The number of crimes was down 1 percent from 1994, while the crime rate declined 2 percent. The number of violent crimes dropped 3 percent, while the rate of violent crimes dropped 4 percent. In the eight U.S. cities with more than one million population, the decrease in the number of violent crimes was 8 percent. In the 64 largest cities, with populations over 250,000, Crime Index totals dropped 3 percent.

Crime Volume:

In 1995, the Crime Index total of 13.9 million offenses, 1 percent lower than the 1994 total and 7 percent lower than the 1991 total, represented the fourth consecutive annual decline. A comparison with 1986 figures, however, showed a 5-percent increase over the last 10-year period.

By region, the Southern States recorded 38 percent of all Crime Index offenses reported to law enforcement. The lowest volume was reported in the Northeastern States, accounting for 16 percent of the total. All regions except the West showed Crime Index decreases compared to 1994 figures.

Property valued at $15.6 billion was stolen in connection with all Crime Index offenses.

Crime Rate:

The 1995 Crime Index rate, 5,278 per 100,000 population, was 2 percent lower than in 1994. For 5- and 10-year trend increments, the 1995 rate, the lowest since 1985, was 11 percent lower...