The Crimean War

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The Crimean War

The Crimean War was a consequence of disputes over territories and opportunity for power. It began in October 1853 and ended in February 1856. It rose from conflict in the Middle East, directly caused by Russian demands to exercise protection over Orthodox subjects of the Ottoman Sultan. The other dispute that took place involved Russia and France. Both superpowers wanted the privileges of the Russian Orthodox or Roman Catholic churches in the holy area of Palestine. Napoleon III saw these conflicts as an opportunity to restore grandeur of his crown and the recently restored French Empire. To justify his participation in the war, he challenged Tsar Nicholas I's claim as protection of Christians.

The foundation of the war was characterised by sporadic fighting along the Danube River. This included the territories of Moldovia and Wallachia. The British supported the Turkish Ottomans, and therefore the British took a firm stand against the Russians.

As part of their victory, the Turks forced the Russians back to their pre - war borders. The French supported the British in the war; as a result an Anglo - French - Turk alliance was formed.

The allies focused on the Crimean Peninsula, in the hopes of capturing Sevastopol. This would be detrimental to the Russians, as it was home to the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The French and the British saw this as their only opportunity to dilapidate Russian naval forces. In September 1854, on the south - western coast of the Crimean Peninsula, the allies landed on Calamita Bay. They rushed down the coast in haste and successfully surrounded Sevastopol. The Russians saw that their first opportunity was to attack the British supply depot on the 25th of October.

It just so happened that the British depot was located in...