Criminal Data Comparison

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Criminal Data Comparison

Tanya LaForce

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Paul Frankenhauser

September 15, 2008


Criminal Data Comparison

This paper will discuss the Federal Bureau of Investigations Uniform Crime Report on forcible rape. It will compare the data from two different metropolitan areas. The author will show which area had higher reports of forcible rape and explain what each of the rates were for 2006. The paper will go on to discuss the change over a period of eight years. As well as explaining what factors may have contributed to the difference in the number of reported forcible rapes.

For this assignment Abilene, Texas and Fresno, California have been chosen for crime data comparison as it pertains to forcible rape. The population of Abilene witch includes Callahan, Jones and Taylor Counties is 162,776. The city of Abilene contains approximately 118,000 people. Within the city limits 67 forcible rapes were reported.

For the entire area 75 were noted by the FBI. That left a total of 46.1 per 100,000 inhabitants (Crime in the United States, 2006).

Fresno, including Fresno County, had a population of 885,487 in 2006. The city of Fresno contained 465,269 in 2006. The number of forcible rapes noted by the FBI during 2006 was 133 for the city and 214 for the entire county. The rate was approximately 24.2 per 100,000 inhabitants. Although the actual number was higher for Fresno and Fresno County the rate per inhabitants was significantly lower. Abilene reported more than twice the amount per capita (Crime in the United States, 2006).

The number of rapes in 1998 for Abilene was at 21. A note jump of 46 rapes in 8 years for the city of Abilene can be seen. Fresno saw 85 rapes during the same time frame.