Criminal Identification Procedures in the Twenty-first Century

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As the unrelenting technology of our time evolves; it frequently makes you think that it could make our lives better or easier somehow. And to finally come to an understanding; what did not get accomplished before, still did not get done after technology. You still do not have enough time in the day to spend with your kids and get everything done. The agencies' that are enforcing our laws, live this dream everyday, not enough man power or sometimes a budget, not to mention having a heavy burden to prove when dealing with criminals who break the law. This paper will be describing the past and present of criminal identification procedures and some possible solutions to the issues at hand.

What's incontrovertible to understand is that the criminals today are more knowledgeable and believe it or not more educated then they were ten years ago, or even five years ago.

Developing now is the well educated, self-assured and at bests the most irritating of individuals. What we see in our county and state jails are the ones that we were meant to catch. Now out of the crowds of gang members and drug addicts are the criminals that have been changing the most in areas of education and knowledge of the new technology; in order to get what it is they needed they had to conform to the new millennium career criminal.

Along with new technology comes a price, quicker service at the banks, faster lines at the grocery store, and the never ending co-dependency that us humans have for the home computer. A criminal that has knowledge of a banking system and can utilize a face of a machine to rob people of their hard earned money. By taking the device and placing it over a real machine and...