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The Crucible by Arthur Miller In Arthur Millers the Crucible performed at Dean College on February 22- March 3rd our students put on a great show. It was very enjoyable. The Crucible took us back to Salem Village in 1692, this time is known as one of the darkest and most terrifying periods in New England's history.

The person that I enjoyed watching the most in the pay were Marty Scahill as Deputy Governor Danforth, because he really brought the play to life. His character extremely believable, and his makeup made him look like he had aged 30 years.

Another person I enjoyed was Chellie Thomas who played Abigail Williams. She really got into her role and took on the part of accuser very well.

Another part of the play that I enjoyed very much was the costumes and the scenery. All of this made the play seem to come alive right before your eyes.

I got very involved in it. The make up of the older towns people seemed to make them look so much older and I was really surprised by that. I couldn't even recognize some of my friends that were in the play until I took a really close look at them.

Finally it was strange to see the difference between a trial then and what trials consist of now. There was no listening to other sides. All people had to do was accuse someone of being a witch and they were. The whole town believed it, and it was harder to prove someone innocent rather than guilty. As the story unfolded you see the trial and the suffering that the people of those times went through to prove themselves or there loved ones innocent.

Overall I thought this play was very good and really...