Criminal justice.

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The development of criminal justice policies comes from society and politicians.

The role society play's determines what is deviant or not normal behavior and is discussed together in meetings or gatherings. The politician's role begins here. Society brings it to a voted official which takes it to a higher voted official, both of which is voted in by society, who presents it to our congress to ask for a law to be written so that this certain behavior that majority of society considers it unacceptable will no longer happen. Or if it does happen again it is punishable then by law.

The existing social climate has an affect on the policies that are implemented. Social climate is the people's emotional, physical, and social well being. If someone changes people's emotional behavior, for instance, a certain act causes people to feel uncomfortable or irate. Then they want the behavior stopped. If a certain act causes a physical change, harm or reaction they want it stopped.

If the act causes problems in society here also the act must not continue.

The media is a good tool to use to control social climate, but on the other hand it can be a weapon as well. The media affects the making of policies by dramatizing, glorifying, and can make criminals infamous. They also create more to the story to reach higher ratings. The whole truth is not given or facts are fabricated for the mere fact of having a number one news show.

A good example of this was given in chapter one, the O.J. Simpson trial. The media ran the show, and society got sucked into the dramatics. Since the days of the old west the paper was the news informant, and they dramatized the acts of criminals then making them famous. Jessie...