Criminal Justice Information System Case Study

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Metro/Davidson County, Tennessee

Criminal Justice Information System Case Study

A CJIS Project Review

Abishake Chandrasekaran

Date: 05/02/2009

Executive Summary

This is a project review based on a case study of Metro/Davidson County's Criminal Justice Information System. This CJIS had been very successfully implemented, and set an example for other CJIS project in the future. The purpose of this document is to summary the valuable experience of CJIS project development.

This document describes the background and history of JIS / CJIS development, the complication about jurisdictional systems and the benefit to introduce CJIS. This helps to understand how CJIS can improve process efficiency and save resources.

The project review focuses on the development and management categories. It explains the theories, techniques and tools in detail, which have been referenced to various resources. The main part is to compare the theory issues and practical applications. It also highlights the key factors to achieve project success.

Table of Contents

2Executive Summary �

4Introduction �

5Introduce the JIS / CJIS �

5The benefit to introduce JIS �

6Current Project Discussion and Analysis �

6Project Development Methodology �

6Data and Process Modelling �

7Evolving Development (Prototyping) �

7Incremental Development �

8Phased Planning �

9Customer Involvement �

9Project Management Methodology �

11Develop a Comprehensive Plan �

12Model the Processes �

13Involve Users �

13Continuous Testing �

14Identify an Incentive �

15Conclusion �

16References �

17Appendices �




The very aim of the project is to understand how information system has benefited the Davidson County justice system and we also learn how well it has been implemented.

The Justice Information System (JIS) what it does is that it allows any member within the justice community to access the information they need whenever they need it.(Larence, E R 2008) It...