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Having chosen to actively take part in the criminal Justice major as a freshman at LaSalle was not an easy choice but it is something I have chosen to pursue throughout my entire career at the University. The Criminal Justice Major requires several courses to be completed within the four years before graduating which are the obvious core courses also known as the power courses. Criminal Justice is an Arts and Sciences major which requires a maximum of 19 credits in order to receive a degree in that major.

All the arts and Sciences majors break up the core curriculum into 5 areas defined by educational objectives: powers, frameworks of scientific understanding, patterns of meaning, first year odyssey, and understanding at home and abroad. All students must also participate in the doubles program where they take two different classes but within those classes their studies are in some way linked.

The completion of a criminal Justice major qualifies the individual for admission to graduate programs in criminal justice or entry level positions in law enforcement, judicial administration, probation, parole, and correctional administration.