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Representation of Interests Matrix and Paper

By: Robert Alcocer


November 26, 2012

Instructor: King E. Carter

Within Public Policy there are different interests that are affected once the issue

has been brought forward to the government by citizens who are sending e-mails, or

telephone calls advising of the issues that are affecting society, what the citizens

do not know is that with every issue within public policy that has to be passed by the

government and attempted to get resolved has a significant affect or groups and


The identified groups and organizations represent my interests in a significant

manner because due to my profession I am aware that crime has been a problem for

society for quite a long time, I am aware that there has been multiple attempts to

reduce crime, such as the hiring of more police officers, programs that protect victims

and witnesses of a crime.

Therefore I believe crime is a significant interest.

As for education experiencing affects by public policy, I think this is by

far the most important. I have a child and am extremely aware of the problems

that have affected our education systems significantly due to the lack of financial

support from the government and also the increase in college education, books, etc.

I am aware of the government attempting to clear the tax deficit and financial problem

that our country is currently facing, but education is not the way to do it.

As for the other remaining identified groups such as Foreign policy, Health care,

and Social Welfare, they also represent my interests in a significant manner. For example

Health care, has affected me significant due to our president passed the new reform my

employer checks have significantly dropped from what I used to gross monthly, due to...