Criminal Psychology

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Criminal psychology

Most of the time we feel and our world look like unsecure and we feel danger and all sorts of threats come in mind and most of the crimes get ended due to their outcomes of violence. Most probably for more effective result even police often consult with the criminal psychologist. A criminal psychologist is a professional who mainly notice manner of incident and get into a thoughts of criminal.

Eyewitness identification

According to the research of social science 30 years experience has proved that Eyewitness identification is a biggest result of the wrongful judgments of incident and conviction worldwide and it is proved after testing DNA because a human mind does not like a recorder so definitely it cannot store each and every moment of the incident and cannot define the intensity of the incident properly but witness as a evidence can be much more effective and it should be preserved safely because witness can get vanish.

At the initial step or level the lineup of police involves imagination, suspect and prediction among the people and supposing of not committing the crime and while investigating asking to the perpetrator for the purpose of identification. It can be done and most probably it is being done in United States department, making use of people a live line up.

Two types of line up are there which includes target absent lineup and target present lineup;

target absent lineup

Is that lineup in which the person who has done the crime is not present in that line up.

target present lineup

Is that the person who has done the crime is in front or present in that line up.

Three possible decisions associated with target present lineup and target absent lineup:

If criminal psychologist has to take decisions between...