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In today's society, we are faced with or placed in many unpredictable and stressful situations. However, many of us manage to properly analyze the situations and maintain our sanity, experiencing only a mild form of depression. Some reasons for being depressed are normal, such as, a death of a family member, parents' divorce, or loss of job. As a result of these misfortunate situations, can determine weather or not you are emotionally depressed. Thus, depression is relevant to life span developmental psychology.

According to Dr. Kemp said in University of California, Irvine, and depression is a 'Syndrome' that has no true underlying illness. Syndrome is like dementia. First, you have to have a change in mood that is not typical of you. When mood changes and you can't get out of it for several weeks. Second, it needs at least six other symptoms of depression, can be negative thinking that memory, suicidal thoughts or can be physiological changes in appetite, sleep and energy or behavioral changes that not doing anything for fun and no friends.

Last, it has to be serious enough to affect daily function, and going on for at least 6 weeks.

Empirical investigator, scientist, physician or over many parts of investigators study many decades that what factors are cause of depression such as biological, psychological, or environmental factors. But there is no one single cause of depression. These all factors may contribute to depression. However, whatever the exact causes of depression, scientific research has surly established that major depression is a biological factor that people with a family ties of depression are generally higher risk for developing it. It means children who have depressed parents that they have high probability of getting depression, mental illness or chemical dependency; emotional and behavioral problems may occur. Because biological factors...