Critical Analaysis on boyhood friendships

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In the two passages there were many examples of boyhood friendships. In the first passage the author, Frank Conroy, describes a boy that he once knew during his years of growing up. In the second passage the author William Maxwell also describes a boy he once knew while growing up and both authors vividly describes the kind of fun and excitement they endured when they were living in a time when you had to make your own fun.

In passage one Frank Conroy gives many excellent details about his the nature of boyhood friendships. The setting takes place in a wooded area. Where the boys go swimming and they just have a fun time being kids. In the beginning of the passage when Frank went outside he saw another boy walking down the street in his bear feet, which would not be strange, but for the simple fact is there is sharp coral rock in the ground.

They begin to talk to each other and Frank suggest that they get some old batteries and some wire and they should string them up between each others houses and the other boy agrees. So right away you can tell that they are going to be best of friends. Both Frank and Tobey (his friend) have a lot of fun together they go swimming in a water hole in the woods and they a lot of fun growing up.

In the second passage by the author William Maxwell he also describes his boyhood friendships. The setting takes place in an area called Bloomington where the author's father is building a house. During this process the author William Maxwell happens to find a very good friend. They do almost anything together. Which is really uncommon because in a normal boyhood...