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Fat and Happy, In Defense of fat acceptance is considered to be as a wake up call or a realization note for the fat people’s society. It’s not easy for a fat person to save his self from the society where fatness is a serious medical and socially unacceptable problem. Here the Mary R. Wary tells about the stereotypes of our society which fat people experience. But being a part of this society she believes that it is better to accept the reality that people have an equal right to live with full of pride as the thin people.

The society believes that thinness gives self-respect to a person whereas; the fatness is something from which a person needs to get rid off. Instead of believing this myth the society is suppose to resolve this issue rather than believing it till the end of our lives. Now the people have come up with an alternative and think that if we accept it in a healthy or positive way than it is no more a problem to live with a fat body.

NAAFA has played the important role to realize fat people that they can live happily without any shame. Being a member of NAAFA (National Institute of Fat Acceptance) author also has learned to live happily with all the sizes which she couldn’t even dream before. The most exciting feature of NAAFA is to provide the perfect and smashing variety of clothes made of the most beautiful fabric that compliments any one’s fat body. It also organizes the talent shows which give people a chance to show their talent and capabilities which they never got before because of their body size and there is no age limitation as well.

The leading speaker of NAAFA Dr. Diane focuses in the medical reasoning of fatness. On the basis of current studies he concludes that “the body size is the result of one’s genetic makeup” and people should work to lose their weights. On the other side these findings do not give the surety of the effectiveness of such efforts. So, instead of using different techniques to reduce weight its better to live happily with any body size that you have. Scientist have been working on these issues but not focusing the psychological pressure from which a fat person is suffering. The society’s and family’s pressure to make them thin is actually leading them to discontinue their efforts. The rude comments and taunts from public are generating the disorder of inferiority complex in them. Moreover, the quick and easy ways of reducing weight through excessive exercise, dieting and medication is way more dangerous than being fat. Whereas, there is not any guarantee after spending a huge amount of money in order to lose weight that after reducing weight a person will not regain it. The author believes and advices that there is no need to spend money on such activities.

The author’s concern is to lose weight through exercise but after a period of time she realizes the fact that its not working at all. But the positive come out of exercise is that it makes you feel active and one can continue it to be active and it’s also a fun. Being fat you can accept the daily harmless challenges of life. After the realizing that having a fat body is not a shame, the author believes that it’s better to live happy with it.

Mary views are seemed one sided because if a person starts thinking that I am suppose to live happy ignoring the fact that I am fat can be a solution to overcome his complexes and will make him satisfied but its not a solution of fatness which is a serious problem in terms of medical. Mary introduced the most exciting features of NAAFA to motivate those who are suffering from the sense of ashamed. NAAFA aim is to motivate people to live happily rather than losing their self confidence and self respect is a successful attempt.

The most valid point Mary raised is that society in continuously humiliating and demoralizing the fat people publicly through their harsh criticism. But in my perspective she could have suggest any better way out to solve this issue rather than only gaining sympathy for fat people. To some extend I am agree with the author that being fat is not a crime for which a person is suppose to feel guilty. I think fat people should continue their efforts to exercise whatever, it will not give any satisfactory results but still a person will feel fit because exercise gives a peace to your mind.