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Justin Gonzalez

Professor Brenner

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02 February, 2014

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Is Masculinity Always Toxic?

Feminism is a movement aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women. However not all women blindly follow the feminist movement. Christina Hoff Sommers wrote "Men-It's in Their Nature" in an effort to analyze the distinct roles of men and women, as well as more specifically to how they apply to raising young boys. At first glance the article seems to follow a path of standard anti-men propaganda especially when the author is female, but after reading more into the depths of the article you can understand that Sommers is an individual who holds her own opinions regardless of what factions or parties operate around her. Sommers pulls no punches for either side of the debate as she attempts to support her theories through the use of scientifically backed comparisons between men and women provided in an expositional manner.

Sommers carefully dissects the connotative language used by society when describing men, and helps paint a picture as to how these definitions don't take into account the obvious genetic and biological differences in childhoods.

"Men-It's in Their Nature" was published for a column on the "American Enterprise" in 2003 is a brief comparison between young boys and girls in relation to their gender defined stereotypes and biological differences and advantages. In this text Sommers tackles pre-conceived notions that masculinity is evil, and readily provides evidence to back her claims. Sommers also takes aim at gender reformers who seek to socially condition boys to be more of the same as the girls are. Readers can quickly identify that this article is not meant to assault a specific gender, but more to attack the theories that all masculinity is toxic in...