Critical Analysis of Business & Medicine Ethically

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In the book Taking Sides, authors Lisa Newton and Maureen Ford present an issue "Are business and medicine ethically incompatible." Professor of medicine, Arnold S. Relman's analysis of "What Market Values are doing in Medicine" is used to present a case for 'yes' they are incompatible. Assistant Professor of business, Andrew C. Wicks analysis of Albert Schweitzer or Ivan Boesky, "Why we should reject the Dichotomy between Medicine and Business is used to present a case for 'no' they are not incompatible. I will analyze these two works, noting credibility, thesis statement, facts and opinions, problems and propaganda, and logical errors in each individually. The argument against incompatibility is very compelling; nonetheless, it fails to address the possibilities for misconduct that a medicine and business model posses. Without resolving these specific concerns, we must be cautious about buying into Mr. Wick's theory that they are not only compatible, but also similar.

Critical Analysis of Business & Medicine Ethically

Analysis of Albert Schweitzer/Ivan Boesky? Why We Should Reject the Dichotomy between Medicine and Business


Andrew C. Wicks the author is an assistant professor at the University of Washington School of Business. A work of his was originally published in the Journal of Business Ethics, volume 14 (1995). His profession and the respect afforded his work by the Journal of Business Ethics make him credible on the topic of ethics and business. He states early that his approach to this subject is that of an ethicist trained to reflect on normative issues.


Andrew Wicks outlines the premise his work is built on with his thesis statement, "My underlying goal is to help reconceptualize how we think about both medicine and business, and in doing so, reshape how we approach the 'American healthcare crisis.'"

Facts and...