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In 1998, author J.K. Rowlings released "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone", the first in a series of books about the magical character Harry Potter. On November 26, 2001, upon release of the self-titled screenplay, a Tribune newspaper editor wrote the article, 'Don't Knock Harry', which provided a volume of insight.

He decisively analyzes the views of some in our society, as it relates to the release of the Harry Potter book series. He goes against the pessimistic viewpoint of Bahamians who see Harry Potter as a vile, manipulating, even demonic children's character, and persuades us that Harry Potter is nothing but an innocent fictional character that uses the theme of love to surmount all evil. He also draws the reader's attention to the fact that many other books and movies have been released and yet nothing was as highly publicized as Harry Potter. The author of this article, who appears to have much insight, depicted this character as a guiding light found shining in a world where many children's fictional characters are misguiding them in disguise.

The article 'Don't Knock Harry' brings to the forefront the ignorance many Bahamians have adopted from a primitive way of living in a modern society. We accepted books of the 'detrimental' Harry Potter series, but as soon as it was released on the wide screen, we were running around like chickens with heads cut off so the movie would not be seen in Bahamian theatres. The author points out that reading is fundamental and is very instrumental in the stimulation of our minds. He discusses issues of magic and also concentrates on issues brought up by the 'Christian' critics.

There are many constructive points that the author argues, all of which are strongly backed by the author's viewpoint, to attest...