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Few issues are as touchy to me as the issues surrounding secondhand smoke. I believe that there are no adverse affects in conjunction with secondhand smoke. I believe that strong anti-smoking initiatives are started by housewives that's are stuck at home all day with nothing better to do than to find niche areas of the population to discriminate against. For this paper I decided to analyze This is a website where everyday people, who smoke, can go to relax and converse with other smokers about their job, families, recreational activities and any other type of conversation a person who smokes like to engage in. This organizations main purpose is to educate and inform the public about smoking and how it truly can benefit society, as well as passively fighting to preserve the rights of smokers from every walk of life.

The Mission

Upon completing my decision to write my paper about issues concerning environmental tobacco smoke, I connected to the Internet and did a keyword search, "secondhand smoke," on Google and found

I found a lot of information concerning secondhand smoke, federal court trials and verdicts, and information surrounding the center for disease control, CDC how the CDC classified secondhand smoke as a group a carcinogen. This website does in my opinion does recognize other points of view when trying to present all of the facts. It does however marginalize and scrutinize all of its opponent's arguments. I believe this technique marginalizes this organization's efforts to effectively communicate their point to the public. The premises that this company bases their belief structure on are that everyone should have equal rights. Whether you are African American, Hispanic, Jewish and or in any other minority. By attacking the people who criticize who you are or what you do you...