Critical Analysis of Women and Child Health Issues: Bangladesh

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The international region I have chosen for future research of my assignment is Bangladesh because of the recent monsoon flood that occurs annually. Women and children are the ones who become the most deeply affected in this region with waterborne diseases, lack of food and rapid illnesses like diarrhoea. While there is nothing specifically the effected can do to try and prevent this, they are left like a infant unable to fend for themselves, only in this case because of unchangeable natural events, a flood, that has occurred. There have been reports of up to 20 million people that have been affected by flooding in at least 26 different districts of Bangladesh. (Christian Publishing and Outreach (CPO), 2007)Mothers are being faced with the harsh reality that they can’t feed their children let alone themselves and pregnant women are living malnourished. Since the flooding started; homes, most medical care and schools have been closed or inaccessible.

There should have been a better plan set in place for something that happens annually. Children now in absence of their school time have been playing in the dirty water and mud making themselves vulnerable to fever, skin diseases and as mentioned earlier, waterborne diseases. (Sharmin, 2007)In the essence of a flood Bangladesh’s people have looked up to their government for aid and assistance. Some families have been given a few kilograms of rice while others are left without. Virtually no one has fresh water which forces then to drink to dirty flood water. The government should have been better prepared in this event. The UN's World Food Programme has provided the ones in need some 130 tonnes of aid north of the country while the programme has started to distribute more to the recently flooded districts. (Sudworth, 2007)In conclusion, Bangladesh’s government...