Critical Analysis-Workplace Flexibility

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This review is based on the theories regarding the use of flexible work practices and how they can affect employee's career success. This theory lies on the premise of personal attributes of the employees and how they are reevaluated in the eyes of the managers and used to determine the career incline of the said employees.

It is theorized that employees with more flexible attitude towards work pressure have more involvement in their profession and are found to be more productive (Matos & Galinsky 2010).

Flexible work practices don't entail a single practice or ritual that has to be religiously followed because then it would be the negation of flexibility anyway. There are no concrete rules; rather it is loosely based around the employee choices of the ability to manage their work on their own and without displacing their personal space. These unconventional practices are related to more job satisfaction and low job stress.

These practices, as mentioned above have no concrete backing and therefore have to be inspected and studies so that the cause and effect relationships can be accurately measured. Also, it becomes necessary because of multitude of opinions regarding this framework. This framework, when structured effectively will provide clear benefits while leaving out the negative elements that were jeopardizing the positive effects of the theory and its framework. We also have to identify the elements first according to the study (SHRM 2008).

This framework of conflicting elements suggest that while flexible work practices are based on the employee's personal satisfaction on job responsibilities, it has adverse effects in terms of the employee being considered irresponsible in regarding the professional work casually by incorporating the work tasks around his personal convenience and not giving them priority as is expected. Although this practice does not seem fair as long...