Critical analyzing of the knowledge, Skills and abilities that are key to a Managers role within an organization.

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IntroductionThe role of a manager can be a complex job and although I have opted for five topics there are many more attributes to this position.

Using my previous experiences, various research from books that I have read and the internet I will try to explain the rationale for my conclusions.

In this essay I will look at the following five topics, Leadership, Communication, Delegation, Decision Making and Support which will help conclude, in my opinion, the five most important skills required to successfully fulfill the a position of a twenty first century manager.

These skills underpin the knowledge and abilities which are of key importance to the pivotal role of the manager.

LeadershipLeadership is about focusing on the most important resource available to them, i.e people.

This process should include the development, academically and professionally of your people.

It is important to encourage communication, engaging their thoughts and ideas to promote a win win situation.

A manager should always motivate, encourage and promote excellent work, even in the most trying circumstances.

A leader must always be aware of the ultimate goals of the organization, and know how their own objectives fit with them. Once these goals have been established you must ensure that your team understands the direction in which they are heading and why, and the purpose of their own activities within the overall plan. The ultimate objective should be broken down into attainable yet challenging goals that ideally will be inspiring and motivating for the whole team. Aims should also relate directly to the specific skills of the individual within the team. Working together towards a shared goal gives people a sense of ownership and responsibility, and builds an atmosphere of team spirit, (Effective leadership by Robert Heller 1999).

The written text of Robert Heller highlights in...