A Critical Evaluation of Small Business

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A Critical evaluation of small business in South wale and UKAbstractTraditional training separates learning from the work context in which the newly acquired knowledge is to be applied. This requires the worker themselves to apply imparted theoretical knowledge to knowledge in practice, a process that is grossly inefficient. The ENRICH approach builds on organisational learning theory to intertwine working and learning. The ENRICH methodology incorporates theories of learning at the individual, group and organisational level. Individual level learning is supported through the provision of semantically related resources to support problem reframing and to challenge assumptions. Group learning is supported through the evolution of domain concepts through work documents and representations linked to formal models of group knowledge, and the development of group practices and perspectives through enhanced sharing and collaboration. Organisational learning is supported through exposure to customs and conventions of other groups through shared best practices and knowledge models.

The approach is being investigated in a range of industrial settings and applications.

Table of ContentINTRODUCTION5The nature of organisational learning8Individual level learning9Group level learning11Organisational level learning14Enriching work representations through organisational learning15Constructing and evolving formal knowledge24Supporting individual, group and organisational learning: a summary30The ENRICH development model32Problem statement38LITERATURE REVIEW39What is knowledge management?39Definitions of data, information and knowledge39Characteristics of knowledge in the business in South wales, UK organisation Forms of knowledge43Levels of knowledge43Categories of knowledge46In search of a definition, of knowledge management47How is knowledge management different from information management?52Approaches to knowledge management54A paradigm shift56Top-down or bottom-up management style61People-centred or technology-centred approaches63What is knowledge creation?65Knowledge category models70The knowledge management process79Overview of the master' module in Business in South wales, UK management: Human Resource Management79METHODOLOGY83Research question83Research design84Sample and data collection84Data analysis86FINDINGS AND ANALYSIS87Informal discussions92Developing the organisation92DISCUSSION96CONCLUSION99References100Appendix103CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTIONLearning as an integral part of working naturally occurs in the vast majority of organisations. Workers...