Critical Issues and change in Human Resource

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ABSTRACTPeople seem to be resistant to change: however, they are willing to change if they understand why change is needed, and they are able to have input in the changes. Human resources'' responsibility is to help associates and management understand the reasons for change and help them buy into the change. The writers will explain the critical issues of change to human resource management. Issues will include planned and unplanned change, global and economic changes, virtual organizations and e-business with focus on technology. The authors will also demonstrate through the writing of this paper, the learning experience they have gained and what future critical issues will need to be addressed by human resource professionals. Solutions will also be given as to how human resources should forecast, react, manage and adapt to critical issues (Authors).

Critical Issues and Change in Human Resources ManagementAgility, the ability to change and adapt, is critical to any business' ability to achieve strategic goals.

The human resources professional, who is in the unique position of ensuring the agility of an organization's human capital, faces a variety of critical issues which must be addressed in order to ensure the strategic goals of the organization. Critical issues, which must be addressed, include planned and unplanned change, global and economic change, political, legal, and social change, the role of human resources in virtual organizations and e-commerce, and the role of technology on the function of human resources. By far, the most critical issue facing human resources professionals is the ability to gain strategic partnership. Gaining strategic partnership requires adding value to the organization through forecasting, planning, and adapting to the above changes and taking a proactive stance in managing change.

ChangeHuman resource is part of a company's strategic plan. Incorporated in this plan is both planned and unplanned change.