Critical Juncture in Kyrgyzstan. Lack of democracy.

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Saying about the existing of democracy in Kyrgyzstan, sometimes relates to “eating the porridge from empty plate”. After having proclaimed Kyrgyzstan the “island of democracy” it stayed on the papers, but without any showing on the practice. The most famous and memorable definition was given by the President Lincoln, who described democracy as “Government of the People, by the People, and for the People” (Reader: Course Introduction to Political Studies, p.177). This definition can be simply interpreted suggesting three key principles. ‘Of’- democracy derives its legitimacy from people’s commitment to government, ‘by’-people participate in government and ‘for’—democracy promotes welfare andsafeguards the rights of individuals. The lack of democracy: is it true? What should be done for improve it?The people in the power were on their best and warm seats forgetting about the simple population. They did not expect and were not willing to radical alterations in the society. On the instant of eye they were throw away.

The aim of this research paper is basically, to show the personal opinion about what happened in Kyrgyzstan. There is lack information in the books that is right, it was an unexpected and most remembered event in the history of Kyrgyzstan.

The events, which happened unexpectedly, the same time, became the reason of different indignations of the peoples of Kyrgyzstan. This was an abrupt turning in the history of all. There is still the arguable question what was the name to these events: revolution or just coup d’etat. Some investigators debate that there was a simple massive overturn, which changed the power. Accountable opinions are appearing and to decide which one is more suitable, time will show. Analytics are challenging the society to look into the roots of this revolution, which came to us from Latin word, “overturn” meaning “revolution”. So what it is? What the difference between calling it revolution or overturn?The sudden overthrowing of the past government left the country without any powers or people who could be take the country outside from troubles. Each person who was on that day could see, the crowded people were out of control. All the years of independence Kyrgyzstan was based on the regional division and was living on the principles of clan, tribalism. It is tangible, because the capital of Bishkek is in the center and considered being more developed while the rest of the certain regions still remain in bad positions. This was a toy in the hands of some ‘gamers’ bringing them more chances to get places on the top. Especially, the south part of the country is needed in economical improvements. The created corruption system was giving all the power to one single person. The person who was from the north and were loosing his popularity in the south. This was important factor, which brought the last years events.

Next factor which related to ‘walking away’ of old regime, unfair parliamentary elections. Our ‘great’ president did not want to replace his seat to anybody and was wished to leave his ‘throne’ only members of his family, maybe for somebody very close to him. There was standing instability on the society and big anger. Very important people on the top did not see it, trying not to pay attention to what is happening with their peoples.

North or south? South! This region came to power. Even saying this concept the word north is standing at first place; some people are very carefully looking after this phenomenon. There is a sense, after coming new person from the south, it is still the rift among the people. The division between these two regions is essential; it is a phenomenon, which comes through the history. This is a questionable problem, which has to be solved in short times.

After happened events, unrest of the peoples became on level higher. This deeply reflects on the future of Kyrgyzstan. The new government has more responsible; carry out reforms within the society. This will give us more opportunity to move foreword. All these reforms are concerning to all spheres of social life, one of them is nowadays, debatable form of government. But people do not clear understand this or that kind of form. They are not willing to make any decisions. In making important decisions it is necessary to take into account the people’s opinions. It is indispensable to spread this decision among the society.

Perhaps since getting independence it is possible, that Kyrgyzstan among the post-Soviet countries was able to learn on its own mistakes during its first experience of democracy, so now it has better chances to democratize. But still there are minimum chances for second democratization, because prerequisites for democracy were not met and there are vivid and institutionalized obstacles that prevent establishment of democracy.

The question about lack of democracy is making me doubtful. Now there is building up of the oppositions. The case to it, recent meetings in the center of our country. President gives them freely express their points of views. They have more rights to say what they want. People became more confident about their power, because they have already showed own positions. The requirement, which are handed in to the president by the opposition, basically to receive any reforms. The president is willing to come to compromise with all of them.

The initiation has to go out from each person himself. We felt the changing of the history. Next our step is to new, open and real democratic state. Getting involved to all the spheres concerning of our state, will help us to take important decisions. Now it is very important to bond and go to the bright side.

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