Critical lens on the powers of emotion.

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All literature shows us the power of emotion. It is emotion, not reason, that motivates characters in literature, quoted by Duff Brenna. This means that literature is emotional and can be a motivation for characters. I agree with this quote and the two pieces of literature that greatly support this quote are Of Mice and Men and Macbeth.

In Of Mice and Men by, John Steinbeck there was a tremendous amount of emotion from the friendship with Lennie and George. The setting of the story begins in a riverbed in California where Lennie warns Lennie not to drink out of the river because he might get sick. Although Lennie gets George and him in to all sorts of trouble but George was still his friend. The simile of George and Lennie is that they are like rabbits always on the run when there is danger. Through the story George is finding out more and more things that Lennie has done.

After Lennie strangled Curly's wife the "tart," the town folk were once again after Lennie and this time they were going to kill him. George had to find Lennie before the town folk found him. So when George found Lennie he had to shoot Lennie. But it wasn't out of anger it was out of love.

In the play Macbeth by, William Shakespeare there was a protagonist who was Macduff. Throughout the play there was a lot of killing and a lot of fear. Macbeth was the antagonist who wanted to be king so he did everything in his power to become king. Even though Macbeth was king he was not going to be king for long because Macduff fled to England and met up with Malcolm to gain his trust. After Macbeth found out that Macduff had fled...