This is a critical lense essay on the following topic: "Man is a fallen creature, and therefore is inherently (naturally) evil."

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"Man is a fallen creature and therefore is inherently (naturally) evil."

Mankind is an evil being. The idea of man being evil has been around since the dawn of time. The masochistic behaviors that manifest in our religious sects evidence this time and time again. To fully appreciate the lack genuine kindness and good nature within the race of man one must only look to our recent "accomplishments" to gain a panoramic view.

The corruption of the soul has been an obsession of many religious sects. The Christian religion has taught for centuries that the soul is indeed the ultimate good. However, we must atone for the taint upon that "ultimately good soul" by creating a world devoid of sins. Thus, we must punish our bodies to help them absorb the taint upon our souls and thereby clense us completely. However, we can see this erupt in literature time and time again.

For example, the novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne demonstrates the extremes that religion can put on us to eviscerate the evil within. Hester Pryne's affair with Reverend Dimesdale results in Dimesdale creating a world of pain and suffering for him. He becomes a defiled and broken man. His final attempt at redemption causes his very heart to burst, and thus creates the final suffering that his physical body must atone for his mortal sins. These sins are the core of his being, and have been within him since birth. Clearly, the adultery was not within him until his fateful night with Hester, yet his soul was inclined to lead him upon a path of sin and evil, and thus provokes the idea that we (the human race) are indeed, inherently evil.

Furthermore, one might be incline to discover the truth about the vile necessities of modern...