Critical Observation

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Today’s society and lifestyle, including the workplace, have many observed occurrences which take place during moments of stress and frustration, most people see these common place and never give a second thought. I witness, on a daily basis, acts of profanity and mild tantrums, brought about by many reasons with no individual stressor. These can be as simple as a coworker’s loss of ability to focus or a violent fit of rage directed toward equipment or tools. It seems most are stress related with a resolution or a coping mechanism soon following the act. The stressors are factors such as a coworker, job knowledge and problems, or trouble with tools and technical publications. It is simple enough to identify the problems that influence abnormal behavior, but we need to look a little deeper to find the true cause.

In my workplace, one particular individual carries himself in a fashion which projects arrogance and vanity, and often attempts to accomplish tasks which require knowledge and skills he does not possess.

Rather than trying to contact another person in our department for assistance, he deems it necessary to try and complete the job himself. Upon failure this individual throws tools, projects obscene gestures, and whines like a stuck pig. It is no fault of anyone except himself and his stubborn attitude toward the task. The factors against him are lack of knowledge, insufficient tools, and the requirement of other hands for this particular task. In the end, all maintenance practices are in vein and the job falters. His negative behavior is a daily occurrence, and it disrupts coworkers who are maintaining projects of their own. During his tantrum he feels it is required to pour out his heart to the people who are observing his hiatus, inadvertently continuing to disrupt the work...