Critical Observation Paper

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Critical Observation Paper

PHY200 Psychology

February 25, 2004


During this paper, I plan to identify an interesting behavior I frequently observe in my family, particularly dealing with my son. I will describe my observation and the frequency of the behavior observed. Furthermore, I will describe the consequences or what happens afterward and how the studies of social psychology can help me understand why it is happening.

Observation and Person Involved

Have you ever noticed an interesting behavior from one of you friends or family? Here is something I frequently observe from my darling five year old son named Noel. Sometimes he acts like he is completely deaf and hard of hearing. This can be very frustrating and nerve-racking at times because my wife and I find ourselves repeating the same thing to him two or three times before he acknowledges. Although my son does hear us when we talk to him, his first responses are is always "What" or "What did you say".

A prime example of this behavior is when we ask him to complete a task, provide him with instruction, direction, or just about anything. He always responds with simple "What". When he first started acting like he didn't hear us, my wife and I really didn't think much of the issue, we just thought us was a phase. Now on the other hand, it has become quite bothersome for the two of us.

Recently Noel had a routine well-babies doctor's appointment at the local pediatrics center on base. During the appointment, I expressed my concern about Noels lack of hearing and asked the doctor if it was possible to schedule a hearing exam to be conducted. The doctor was empathetic about my concern and asked me to elaborate on why I was concerned about Noels hearing.