Critical review on Rob Marshall's musical, Chicago starring Catherine Zeta Jones and Richard Gere

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Title: Chicago

Venue: Alice Springs Cinema

Date: Tuesday 25th February

Directed by: Rob Marshall.

Written by: Bill Condon; from the musical by John Kander, Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse

Based on: The play by Maurine Dallas Watkins

The main reason why "Chicago" is such an appealing film is the way that everything is aesthetically pleasing and the way that it's very easy to just sit back and watch everything happen before you, from the music to the sets and costumes and even the normally cringing Hollywood murder scenes are just a pleasure listen and view. The sets in "Chicago" give you a feeling that you really are in the 1920's and this goes hand in hand with the costumes, which feed off each other to give you this feeling. The set for the nightclub really grabbed my attention as it gave the perfect atmosphere of a venue of that time would feel, with the cool, sexiness that the world of jazz is associated with.

The only thing that I would have like to have seen would be some shots of the actual city or some of it's famous locations. Arguably the best thing that I found in "Chicago" was the music, apart from the great job that the stars did of the main songs, there was the background music, which, superb within itself and probably worthy of it's own album, held the movie together in what seemed like a seamless concoction of great jazz not wanting to stop for anyone and if it wasn't for the actors and their lines and songs, I don't think it would.

All the song-and-dance numbers (excluding "all that jazz" and the "finale") in the film are performed as a part of Roxies imagination, which is...