Critical Thinking

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AbstractThe differences in the way individuals think are obtained by the in-depth analysis of each situation by an individual. There are many factors involved in the way an individual thinks. The upbringing and surroundings of an individual has an impact on the way decisions are made. The way an individual solves a problem or makes a decision is what differentiates whether the individual is thinking or critically thinking.

Every day individuals are faced with situations which require a decision to be made. Depending on the individual, the decision-making situation presented and the way that each individual responds to situations; multiple individuals faced with the same situation will take a different approach in making a decision. The final decision might vary between individuals depending on the surroundings.

Thinking is just the mere act of using one's mind to produce thoughts. Thoughts which could be use to solve every day's issues, problems or situations.

Critical thinking, on the other hand, is a disciplined process in which all the information is analyzed, evaluated and gathered or generated from facts, experience, observation, reasoning and communication (Scriven, Paul, 1997). When applying critical thinking one must evaluate what others communicate (whether orally or in writing) and determine whether the statements are true or not. By applying critical thinking to the tasks, challenges or problems faced in the workplace, home or school one will begin to experience breakthroughs never thought possible. One will feel sure of being on the thinking edge.

Applying critical thinking at work will lead the individual to be open-minded, request feedback and ask for help. This in turn will open up different views of the same situation. This allows for different ideas to be brought forward, allowing multiple solutions or ways to dealing or approaching each situation.

Such application not only allows different...