Critical Thinking and Decision Making.

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Critical thinking and decision-making are both used on a daily basis, whether a person realizes it or not. For example, professionally, at a persons' workplace, a manager or owner of a company are continuously thinking critically or making decisions about how certain projects and tasks should be performed. Or maybe even what behavior procedures should be followed if an employee arrives to work late or not performing their job properly. As a person goes through their daily lives both critical thinking and decision making are used.

One might ask what is critical thinking? Critical thinking is the ability and to make fair decisions on reasons that are supported and guided on a persons' own beliefs and actions. In critical thinking there is a process known as "thinking outside of the box." This process can take some time to get accustomed to if one is not used to thinking in this sort of form.

What this process basically means is that a person needs to explore his or her options. For example, the thinking problem that involves two boys and a man. They all need to cross a river with only one boat that will fit the two boys. How do you suppose they will all get across? This problem and the solution will be referred back to later.

What is decision making? Decision making is how a person might consider alternative ways of doing some sort of a process. Procedures in this process may include defining particular a problem, gathering all the necessary information, evaluating other ways of doing something, making a final decision, following through with that decision, and observing the decision that was made.

Critical thinking and decision-making is another way of how a person evaluates and observes day to day actions. Would some people be who they...