Critical Thinking and Decision Making

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Critical Thinking and Decision Making

Although critical thinking and decision making have their similarities, they are quite different as you will see from the following text. Critical thinking deals more with the process of thinking prior to the decision, whereas decision making is better represented by the action of what is to be done.

Our author defines critical thinking as the following:

"Like this edition of Asking the Right Questions, critical thinking is both old and new. Systematic evaluation of arguments based on explicit rational criteria is as old as recorded history. Terminology changes, emphases emerge, and worthwhile disputes about the criteria for rational conversation break out. But the habit of questioning the quality of the reasoning for a belief or contention is implicit in our daily living." (Miller, 1997, p. 143)

If we look more into what they are trying to say, it basically states that the critical thinking is "an evaluation of arguments" or thinking of all sides of the story based on how you determine the worthiness of the source.

If you determine that the source is good, your thinking process will hold this in high regards, which in turn will keep your decision making more focused on sources you depend on

Decision making on the other hand is based on using the available options that you have. How the decision making process works is definitely more involved with the decision maker. Decision making is used whenever any change has to be made. According to our Decision Making Tutorial, decision making involves 3 levels: Individual, Groups, and Organizations. Individual decisions are based on personal needs or wants. Group decisions are based on individuals that desire a common goal. Organizational decisions are looking for the big picture and what makes everyone happy.

I personally believe that decision making...