Critical Thinking and Decision Making.

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This essay discuss's the relationship between critical thinking and decision making.

1. What is critical thinking?

2. What is decision making?

3. What are the benefits of being a critical thinker?

4. How do you see these processes present or absent in your work?

Critical Thinking & Decision Making

From the beginning of this class, I have had a difficult time grasping critical thinking. I think mainly because I have had little to no experience handling communication in such a manner. Especially, when it comes to making a good sound argument. So this class has been very difficult so hopefully what I am about to write in regards to critical thinking makes some sense. I'm sure that I probably have used critical thinking from time to time but as far as being really aware of what degree or how well I use it is another matter.

Critical thinking for me is somewhat of a hard thing to truly understand.

I do understand it to be a means to remove assumptions and misunderstanding from communication. I also see it as a way to effectively communicate in a manner that is not irrational in nature. I also see it as a method to fine tune ones thinking skills in evaluating and responding to other opinions and arguments. I also understand critical thinking as a method to establish good sound arguments that make it easier to get your point across without inflammatory statements and avoiding illogical statements.

In defining critical thinking further, I also see it as a method for critiquing someone's argument or position on a certain topic and trying to find out if there are any fallacies in what they have said.

I don't particularly see myself as being very good with critical thinking. I know that it will greatly improve...