Critical thinking and Decision making.

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Critical Thinking and Decision Making

Gretchen Schoser

CIS 330

Stuart Gold

University of Phoenix

October 13, 2003

Critical Thinking and Decision Making

How will this acquisition affect me? What can I do to get a better understanding of the acquisition? How will this affect me in my day to day life? The memo did not say how many people were going to lose their jobs? These are common questions you would ask yourself when you are critically thinking. Critical thinking means that you think in a purposeful, reasoned way.

Decision making is coming to a conclusion regarding a problem or a question. It means qualifying the answers to problems or questions that you are working on or have been asked.

Going through the materials that we were asked to read in the class I was able to find a solid definition of critical thinking, however I was unable to come up with a solid definition for decision-making.

According to our text book "Readings in Critical Thinking" critical thinking consists of an awareness of a set of interrelated critical questions, plus the ability and willingness to ask and answer them at appropriate times. (Browne, Keeley, McCall, Jr &, Kaplan, 2001, pg 19, section 1). When you are in the process of decision making you need to ask yourself very important questions these are stated in "Reading in Critical Thinking":

What is the issue?

Are there any indicator words?

Are you looking in all the likely locations?

What is not the conclusion?

These are questions that should be raised before you make any type of decision. (Browne, Keeley, McCall, Jr &, Kaplan, 2001, pgs 136 -139, section 2)

I think that critical thinking is the way to look outside the box regarding any type of...