"Critical Thinking and Decision Making." This paper was written for a Critical thinking course called critical thinking for managment.

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Critical thinking is simply defined as making judgments and drawing conclusions based on objective evidence. This is a rational and self-regulatory process of developing credible responses to complex questions that involves a) gathering appropriate evidence, b) evaluating alternative solutions with respect to this evidence, and c) provisionally choosing the solution that best fits the evidence.

Decision-making is one of the most fundamental areas of our lives and critical for any successful business. Decision makers select the best solutions based upon the facts of the moment knowing that changes will probably happen and require future decisions. The critical thinker is okay with this since change is accepted as a part of our every day lives. The decision making process is critical and include the following basic six steps:

1. Identify and define the issue/problem/challenge.

2. Generate alternative solutions.

3. Evaluate alternatives.

4. Make the decision.

5. Implement the decision.

6. Monitor, evaluate feedback, and make necessary adjustments.