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Our help desk at our company consists of call-in lines with no monitoring or reporting tools in place. We're unable to report how long customers have been waiting, volume of calls, or amount of abandoned calls. The second part of the problem is we have ruled out a new piece of software and the bugs have yet to be worked out. This along with a limited staff has increased the number of complaints we have received. Our inability to handle all the calls and/or accurately report the volume we are receiving is causing major questions from our parent company. All of the issues have increased the tension and lessoned the moral in the departments that are involved.

Once side of issue deals with the direct service our customers are receiving. The amount of wait time on hold needs to be monitored and limited. On the same front there needs to be monitoring in place to enable us to see who has been waiting in the queue the longest.

This will enable us to cut down on wait time and appease our customers. We also need to be monitoring how many calls are being abandoned and which customer representatives are taking the most calls. These customer service issues are being majorly influenced by upper management and our parent company. The software we develop is physician office oriented. Our software is getting a bad name not because of the content of the software but because our service level. The second side of this issue is the ability to track content issues with our software.

Our development department needs a database/tracking system in place to monitor frequencies of problems and certain bugs. QA and the development supervisors are the major people who are influencing this push. Project managers also want a way...