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Kirby and Goodpaster described metaphor as "an implied comparison between two things." (Kirby & Goodpaster, 1999, p.82) At its most basic, metaphor is a rhetorical trope or a figure of speech, where a comparison is made between two seemingly unrelated objects without using "like" or "as".

There are several ways for a person to describe their life and the best way is by using a metaphor. Anything can be used for a comparison, from trees to furniture; my life would best be described as a big cabinet. My life is packed with miscellaneous items such as family, friends, work, and school. Just like the compartments in a cabinet, is full with various items. These items are all sorted depending on what they are, into different drawers. These distinct storage areas just like areas in my life, are either extremely difficult to open or incredibly easy. There are some subjects in my life are very hard to open and talk about, and there are subjects that can slide open without any difficulty.

The drawers on a cabinet just like my life, they are closed up tight until someone stretches their hand out and pulls them open. When too many different things are happening in my life, my life is like a drawer of the cabinet; nothing fits in and turns into a huge mess. The outside of a cabinet can be deceiving just like the surface of my life. No one can see what is inside the cabinet by looking at it. Individuals have no idea what is going on in my life by the way I look.

My life compared to a big cabinet is an excellent example of metaphors that give us a good metal picture and concrete idea. Both my life and the cabinet have drawers that hide...