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"What is critical thinking? Write a 800 word paper explaining a situation in your workplace where you had to use critical thinking skills and how you solved the problem."Today's global marketplace requires leaders who can successfully transform their organizations. In the military, innovative problem solving, critical thinking and sound decision-making skills are the key to success and dominance for leaders and organizations. In this paper, I will discuss critical thinking. I will also explain the steps used for critical thinking and the benefits of being a critical thinker.

Critical thinking helps us draw inferences from what has been stated directly, question any assumptions and connections made, and to remain generally skeptical until sufficient proof is offered.(American Studies, 2007) This is beneficial to me due to the nature of my job position. As the Unit Supply Sergeant, I am constantly watching out for mistakes in weekend lunch orders and price errors, transportation coding, incorrect information in ship to and from addresses.

By practicing critical thinking on a daily basis, it has prepared my mind to become powerful. At work, I often analyze and investigate invoices and billing problems from local vendors in order to understand a need for making the correct action and decision.

For example, the Army Reserve soldiers in my unit eat at the local restaurant on drill weekends. The vendor contacted my supervisor to claim that 60 soldiers ate lunch on Saturday and he prepared lunch for 75 soldiers. He wanted to bill my account for extra money because of the food loss. My supervisor explained to him that I would get in touch with him once I arrive to work. When I first heard of the news, I knew that I needed to investigate to find out how many soldiers were present on Saturday. The Unit Administrator...