Critical Thinking Application

Essay by Lomuscio2 October 2007

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IntroductionIn this paper I will discuss my understanding of critical thinking. I will explain the importance and benefits of critical thinking, and give a personal example of my use of critical thinking.

Critical Thinking vs. Non-Critical ThinkingAccording to the National Counsel for Excellence in Critical Thinking Instruction, critical thinking is defined as "the mode of thinking about any subject, content, or problem in which the thinker improves his or her quality of thinking by skillfully taking charge of the structures inherent in thinking and imposing intellectual standards upon them."(Scriven, Paul, 2004, para.7) Critical thinking involves how one goes about taking information, evaluating this information, and choosing the best direction in solving a situation or a problem. Critical thinkers are rational and rely heavily on fact in order to analyze the situation or problem. Critical thinkers are open-minded to other alternatives and possible new ideas and try not to be biased in his or her thinking or in his or her decision making.

Thinking is a part of everyday life, one cannot function without thinking but not everyone practices critical thinking.

Many individuals use non-critical thinking. Non-critical thinking is done out of habit. Non-critical thinkers do not question his or her information, and their point of view is usually one sided and biased. Non-critical thinkers believe that what he or she perceives to be true is true. Non-critical thinkers refuse to believe there are other possibilities when faced with a situation or solving problems, which will lead he or she constantly to make errors when it comes to decision making. Non-critical thinkers refuse to improve his or her way of thinking, whereas critical thinkers are always looking for new ways to improve his or her thinking.

Importance of Critical ThinkingIn today's high tech world, one is bombarded with...