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University of PhoenixMGT 330July 13, 2009Management PlanningTyco International is a global company based out of Waltham, Massachusetts. Tyco provides products and services to customers in more than 60 countries and employs more than 113,000 people. Tyco is composed of five segments of business within their organization: ADT Worldwide, Fire Protection Services, Safety Products, Flow Control and Electrical & Metal Products. Tyco's management planning affects their employees, customers and the communities within the world. Management planning is the important task of identifying the goals and expectations an organization expects to accomplish. Legal issues also have the ability to affect the outcome of their planning as well internal and external influences. To help manage the internal and external influences, Tyco has strategic, tactical, operation and contingency plans.

Planning Management within Tyco InternationalTyco has set for the goal of implementing governance, customers, growth, teamwork and culture, operation excellence and financial strength & flexibility to help facilitate the success of being the leader within the industry.

Governance allows Tyco to plan and put into place policies and procedures which promote integrity within the company, compliance and accountability of their employees (Tyco, 2009). With governance employees know what is expected of them as well as place a sense of worth upon the employees therefore; the employees maintain a positive image of the company. Without governance Tyco would not have a clear picture for their employees and hence the failure of being the leader within the industry as the employees would not strive to be successful for the company.

According to Tyco's vision statement to be the first choice of the customer and exceed commitments (Tyco, 2009) it is believed by Tyco, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance as without satisfaction the customer will seek an alternative service or product from Tyco's competitor. Tyco has a...