Critical Thinking Application

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Critical Thinking Application

Situations people face every day in their personal and professional lives require constant decision making. Most of the choices they make do not require in depth analysis, but those that are critical need extensive thinking process in order to produce a desired outcome after decision is made. This paper will provide description of critical thinking as well as an example from my personal experience in applying critical thinking to a work related decision, benefits and significance of critical thinking in the process of decision-making.

Critical thinking consists of wide range of personal skills and abilities. A person who is capable of critical thinking posses the characteristics of being honest, open-minded, rational, disciplined, and able to utilize proper judgment. Intelligence may play a significant role too, but it is not equal to thinking critically. The way one uses his or her intelligence and knowledge to attain goals and justification for different point of view represents critical thinking (Haskins, 2006).

Evaluation of problems, situations, arguments, or selection of a way of investigation that guides to finding the best possible answer are all part of critical thinking. People who possess this ability are more aware of unexpected that is associated with created plans as it is a fundamental part of any strategy. The benefits of critical thinking are countless and can profit one's life in many situations.

Ability to apply critical thinking at my workplace is an essential part of everyday proceedings. I work as a program manager for a medium size antenna and radar measurement company. It is considered as a high tech company with various departments supporting daily business activities. My main role within the company is to manage projects assigned to me by upper management. Among others my responsibilities include good communication with customers and vendors, design...