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Critical Thinking Application Paper

MGT350 - Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making

September 22, 2008


Critical thinking skills allow us to think for ourselves and not allow us to be hoodwinked into certain beliefs or opinions. Critical thinking is an essential skill in today's business and personal environment. In order to be socially responsible, we should use critical thinking skills in every aspect of our daily lives. Critical thinking is essential in our professional lives as well, as it allows us to think before we speak, to remove emotion from the equation, and to make the proper decision based only on the facts. This will require that we learn self-discipline and the art of self-examination. This means that we will have to become interested in how our mind works. With this knowledge, we can then monitor, fine tune, and modify the way our brain processes information for the better.

It will involve getting into the habit of ponderingly our impulsive and usual ways of thinking and acting in every dimension of our lives.

Critical thinking to me is to think perceptively by double checking perceptions, concentrate on crucial facts, paying close attention to the quality of my thinking, and asking questions. I think one must also think deliberate; this includes accepting responsibility for my thinking and its results, understanding before judging, and to focus on the problem before attempting to solve.

Critical thinking involves in maintaining a questioning attitude, and double-checking both the reliability of information and their interpretation of the information. The critical thinkers are knowledgeable of their biases and limitations, fair-minded, keenly aware of the powerful influence of their own perceptions, values, and beliefs, but seeking to treat all viewpoints alike, willing to exert a...